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Discover our new chocolate family – 70% SUGARS!


Thanks to years of ongoing research to strike the perfect balance between reduced sugar content and the mouth-watering delight that Venchi always strives for, we finally present an exceptional range of chocolate treats with 70% less sugar than our classic recipes, which contain natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, and taste simply amazing!

For those who prefer to keep things light without compromising on flavour, we've selected a special cocoa mass that's naturally sweet, has a very intense, rich and enveloping taste and pairs perfectly with the Piedmont Hazelnuts we use.

The -70% sugars range is perfect for those who want to reduce their sugar intake and keep their physical health in check.
The best choice for those who like to feel good by following a healthy, balanced diet and accept only natural, select ingredients, without sacrificing their daily treat!

To get all the benefits and advantages of a mouth-watering recipe while reducing the sugar content, we used natural fibres only, creating chocolate with an intense yet balanced flavour.

The use of vegetable fibres rather than classic sweeteners also keeps the glycaemic index low, helps to reduce cholesterol levels and has a positive effect on the intestinal microbiota.


The 75% dark chocolate is very intense and enveloping, while the milk chocolate is surprisingly sweet, despite its low sugar content, with pleasant caramel-like notes at the end.

The Extra-Dark Cremino, available in both chocolate and bar form, should be enjoyed slowly, layer after layer... and for Gianduia lovers, we recommend trying our Extra-Dark Gianduiotto.  For those who prefer hazelnuts, we have classic dark and milk chocolate treats with whole, lightly roasted Piedmont Hazelnuts.

All the dark chocolates and bars in this range are also suitable for our vegan customers.
All the chocolate recipes are, as always, gluten-free.