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How Much Dark Chocolate Can You Eat Per Day?


When discussing chocolate and calories, we must first draw a distinction between the various types of chocolate: the least calorific is dark chocolate, partly because it contains a very high percentage of cocoa and therefore less sugar. Cocoa also contains substances that make chocolate a tasty but also healthy snack.

Flavonoids, in particular, are natural antioxidants found in red wine, citrus fruits, tea and berries. They are very important in reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol (LDL), thereby helping to protect the arteries and prevent cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and heart attacks.

On average, a 100g bar of dark chocolate contains 50-60mg of flavonoids, whereas milk chocolate contains only 10mg and white chocolate, which contains no cocoa powder, has none.

As we have already explained, therefore, the chocolate to go for is one with a high percentage of cocoa, precisely because of the many properties and benefits of dark chocolate.

How many grams of chocolate can you eat per day?

The recommended portion is 30 grams per day, but not every day, in order to avoid consuming too many calories.

It's important to choose the right type of chocolate for your daily indulgence, so to maximise the benefits, it's best to opt for dark chocolate with at least 75% cocoa. In short, the darker the chocolate, the better.

Even if you are on a diet, you don't necessarily have to give up chocolate. The important thing is to consume it in moderation and at the right times of day, checking the label and ingredients because chocolate in your diet should always be of good quality.

A chocolate a day...

There are so many different recipes and formats to choose from, for example the size of a Granblend chocolate (7g) is perfect for a small moment of daily pleasure: Granblend Sudamerica 80% features fine South American cocoa blends with sweet flower, honey and ripe fruit notes. Or the Montezuma Nibs 75% chocolate with roasted cocoa beans for a super crunchy sensation.
For those watching their sugar intake and blood sugar level, the Venchi Chocolight chocolates range is perfect because it uses Maltitol as a natural sweetener, which has a much lower glycemic index.

Another solution is to buy a 100g bar of dark chocolate and consume only the amount (10-20g) needed to be satisfied.