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Cacao Due Vecchi Cocoa Powder Cocoa Sprinkler 75 g

Cocoa powder tin with 22-24% cocoa butter. The graphics featured on the tin revisit a time-honoured Venchi illustration that speaks of Italian heritage.

Product specifications

Vegan friendly


COCOA POWDER. GLUTEN FREE INGREDIENTS: Cocoa powder, Acidity regulator: Potassium carbonate. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS AND MILK

Nutritional Values

KJ calories 1572 kJ, Kilocal calories 380 kcal, Fats 23 g, of which satured 14.5 g, Carbohydrates 9.1 g, of which sugars 0.4 g, of which polyalcohols 0 g, Protein 19.4 g, Fibre 29.5 g, Salt 0.04 g, Sodium 0.016 g, Trans 0 g


Cacao Due Vecchi cocoa powder sprinkler with vintage graphics. Contains cocoa powder that is perfect for adding to desserts, creamy sauces, and hot milky drinks. Its fine blends make it unique in colour and flavour and it is a valuable ingredient for your favourite recipes. Naturally gluten free.INGREDIENTS: Cocoa powder.**May contain traces of nuts and milk.


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