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Chocolate and dieting: how to lose weight while eating chocolate?


When you go on a diet, it's important not to give up on every single little sweet treat altogether.
Dark chocolate in particular is very high in beneficial substances and can improve microcirculation by increasing lean body mass, making it the perfect snack, even when dieting.

Debunking myths about chocolate and dieting 

The first thing that pops into the minds of people with a sweet tooth when they go on a diet is that they can never eat sweets again: rest assured, a piece of dark chocolate never hurts... quite the opposite in fact!
It goes without saying, however, that you should choose high-quality chocolate, i.e. without artificial ingredients or palm oil, with less sugar and with a high percentage of cocoa: we highly recommend 10g of dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa).
Learning how to read the ingredients label and checking the chocolate for additives, flavourings and added fats are essential. It's best to avoid chocolate with certain fillings, like caramel or cream/mousse, but you can eat dark chocolate with hazelnuts or cocoa nibs.

Dark chocolate in your diet

Dark chocolate reduces sugar cravings and makes you feel fuller, making it the perfect snack for those who are more conscious about their figure. Chocolate also has a positive effect on our mood and mental health, which are essential for achieving weight-loss goals.
The best time to eat chocolate is during the day. It's best not to eat it on an empty stomach or late in the evening as it's a stimulant containing caffeine.
Chocolate is also perfect during sport and before activities that require composure and concentration.

So when is the best time to eat dark chocolate? 

Here are some ways you can enjoy some dark chocolate, even when dieting:

IN THE MORNING: you can crumble it up and add it to yoghurt or cereal, or eat it with fruit. Chocoviar grains are perfect for adding to the healthiest breakfast a touch of delicious flavour!

MID-MORNING or after lunch, a small chocolate Granblend will give you an energy boost. Individually wrapped and weighing just 7 grams, you won't be tempted to eat more! If the chocolate is of good quality, just one is enough to satisfy your sugar cravings!

AS A SNACK: we recommend a product from our Chocolight family, with no added sugar, the perfect range for those who want to keep their blood sugar levels in check without compromising on flavour.