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Convert your points into vouchers until 31.05.2023


Your loyalty points are about to expire!

Hurry up! Open the App, discover your points balance and claim your reward discounts to use in store or on, by 31/05/23.


How soon should I claim my rewards?

Reward discounts can be claimed until May 31st 2023. To activate them you should use the points in your balance, didplayed in the App's Homepage. After 31/05/23 points will expire and it will no longer be possible to activate or use reward discounts.

Which rewards can I claim?

Points can be used to activate coupons giving access to discounts.

1€=10 punti


Can I use my discounts in store or online?

Sure, you can use your discounts both online and in store, but only once. Please make sure to select the right channel before activating the coupon.
When used online, please consider that discounts do not apply to shipping costs.


Is it possible to activate multiple discounts at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to use multiple discounts in the same transaction, unless they are the same value.  It is not possible to cumulate different discounts in the same transaction once app discounts are applied (welcome discount, employees discount, affiliate discount, ..) .


How to activate discounts?

To activate the rewards you need to click on the PRIZES section on the app, select the discount to be activated (based on your points balance). Then select where you would like to use the discount and confirm. 
If you selected "IN STORE", nn alphanumeric code will appear to be presented at the cash desk; if you selected "ONLINE", the code will be sent by email. 
For more information on the use of vouchers, see the APP Terms & Conditions. 


Are screenshots of coupons still valid? 

Yes, once the coupon is activated it is always available until they are   actually used. Coupon codes delivered by email are not valid in-store but only online.
After May 31st 2023, current coupons will not be valid, thus it will not be possible to accept screenshots.


Is it possible to use a discount when the total amount is inferior? 

No, the discount must be used only for transactions of equal or superior value.


Can discounts be applied on already discounted items?

No, app discounts can only be used for full-price items. 


Still hungry for more information? Please read all our FAQs or the complete Terms and Conditions of the loyalty program.