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V-CLUB Terms and Conditions

Venchi S.p.A., with registered office at Via Vincenzo Monti, 8, Milan (MI) and administrative office at Via Venchi, 1, Castelletto Stura (CN), Tax Code and VAT no. 05744670968 (hereinafter, “Venchi” or the “Promoter”), is organizing this promotion named “V-CLUB Loyalty Programme” (hereinafter also the “Programme” or “Promotion”), under these full Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions”).  



The Programme provides the Recipients with access to benefits, special offers and dedicated promotions. 



The Promotion is valid for all purchases made:  

  • via the Promoter’s e-commerce platform, in Italy (, Europe ( and the United Kingdom ( sections.  

  • at participating Venchi physical stores, located in Italy, France and the United Kingdom (the list of participating stores can be consulted on  
    Please note that the list is subject to change. Amounts spent at stores that have not yet joined the Programme are not considered valid for the purposes of the Programme. Likewise, for any stores that are no longer participating in the Programme (as set out from time to time on the list at the link above), any amounts spent at those Stores after the date such store are no longer participating will not be considered valid for the purposes of the Programme.
    (hereinafter the “Geographical Area”). 



The Promotion is open to natural persons aged 18 years old or over at the time of participation who make purchases as consumers - and/or for reasons not associated with any business, commercial, artisanal or professional activity performed - and who register for the Programme during the Validity Period (hereinafter the “Recipients”), as described in Article 5 below.  
Those who have a collaboration and/or employment relationship with the Promoter, and their family members, are also entitled to enter the Promotion, provided they participate as “end consumers”, that is to say in relation to purchases they have made for personal reasons in their capacity as consumers. 
Registration in the Programme must be made solely by the Participant: the benefits deriving from Registration are for personal use only and shall not be transferred to third parties.  
Anyone registering in the Programme confirms that they meet such eligibility requirements. 



The Programme shall be valid and effective from 8 June 2023 to 31 January 2025, unless extended (hereinafter the “Duration Period”). 
Any extensions will be duly communicated on the website (the “Website”) and/or via email and with any other communication method deemed appropriate by the Promoter.



The Promotion will be announced on the Promoter’s Website as well as via any other information channels that it may use. 
To enter, the Recipient must:  

  • visit the Website and follow the instructions to register in the Programme, by filling out the registration form with the required information; Please note that registration on the Website automatically entails registration in the Program; 


  • visit a Participating Venchi Store (hereinafter the “Store”) and register directly instore. The full list of the Participating Venchi Stores is available at and may be updated from time to time. Please note that enrolling in this way determines only enrolment in the Program, without any enrolment on the Site. 

In both cases, the Recipient will receive a welcome email indicating the loyalty card number associated with the email address used to register. 
Please note that in order to complete their registration (online or instore), Recipients will have be required to confirm that they have read the Privacy Policy and that they accept these Terms and Conditions: both documents will be made available to be viewed before the registration process is completed. Where applicable, Recipients may also express their consent (or lack of consent) for having their data processed for further purposes.  
The Promoter reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of entries and that they meet all the requirements set out in these Terms and Conditions, pursuant to the “Recipients” section. 
Once the registration has been successfully completed and confirmed, the Recipient (hereinafter also the “Participant”) may take advantage of the special benefits set out herein (hereinafter the “Benefits”). 
During the Validity Period, Participants may also have the opportunity to take part in additional prize-promotions organized by the Promoter: in such case, the applicable Terms and Conditions will be made available on the Website. 
Participation in the Promotion entails full and unconditional acceptance of the rules and clauses set out in these Terms and Conditions. 
Participants may request withdrawal from the Programme at any time by writing an e-mail to [email protected] and asking to be removed from the Programme; removal will entail automatic exclusion, with immediate effect, from this Promotion and from any associated Promotions, with no possibility to further access the Participant’s personal account or take advantage of any benefits still available. Please note that Recipients who registered online at the same time as the Site and the Programme, requesting cancellation from the Initiative in the manner indicated above, will only be excluded from the Program and not from the Site. In order to also unsubscribe from the Website, the Recipients will need to cancel the subscription account. 
In any event, a Recipient who has been removed from the Programme (following their request, as above), may re-enrol in the Programme at any time during the Validity Period  by registering again and obtaining a new loyalty card: in this case, and upon confirmation of registration to the Programme, the Participant will re-start accumulating points from zero and will be entitled to take advantage of any Benefits still available as of the new date of participation in the Programme, as a new Participant:   any Benefits and/or points earned before the date of withdrawal may not in any manner be viewed and/or recovered.  
Any termination of the relationship with the Promoter and/or intervening failure (or confirmation by the Promoter of the failure) to meet the participation requirements set out in these Terms and Conditions, will result in the Participant being automatically and immediately disqualified and excluded from any further initiatives related to this Promotion, with no possibility to access the personal account dedicated to the Promotion further or take advantage of any Benefits still available. 
The Participant is responsible for ensuring that the email address provided during registration is valid and functioning for the entire duration of the Programme. It will not be possible to modify the email address associated with the registration.  



The Programme includes a number of levels (hereinafter the “Levels”) structured on the basis of the degree of loyalty of the Participant, as set out below. 
The Programme provides four different levels (V-Green, V-Pink, V-Red and V-Gold). 
When registering in the Programme, the Participant will automatically acquire the V-Green level. Once at least 200 points are earned within 12 months*, the Participant will automatically upgrade to the V-Pink level and will be entitled to all Benefits associated to that level (as detailed in Article 7 below). 
Once 1500 points are earned within 12 months*, the Participant will automatically upgrade to the V-Red level and will be entitled to all Benefits associated to that level (as detailed in Article 7 below).  
Lastly, once 5000 points are earned within 12 months*, the Participant will automatically upgrade to the V-Gold level and will be entitled to all Benefits associated to that level (as detailed in Article 7 below).  
Each level comes with dedicated Benefits that may vary by type, conditions, terms of validity and terms of use.  
Please find below a summary of what described above:  

  • V-Green Level: 0-199 points 

  • V-Pink Level: 200-1499 points 

  • V-Red Level: 1500-4999 points 

  • V-Gold Level: 5000 points or more  

Please also note that:  
Participants will earn 10 points for every €1 / £1 spent in a qualifying transaction: for each valid purchase made, the total amount of the transaction will be taken into consideration, net of any discounts and promotions and excluding decimals. 
No points may be earned on gift card purchases. However, points can be earned for any payments made using gift cards, in accordance with what is laid out above. 
In addition, no points will be earned on any shipping expenses relating to the purchase made.  
When making a purchase in a Store, points are immediately earned and associated with the Participant’s loyalty card number (without prejudice to technical updates). For online purchases, points will be earned and associated with the Participant’s loyalty card number when the order is fulfilled. All points earned across all purchasing channels will be combined into a single points balance. 
For points to be accrued, Participants must show their loyalty card during check-out at Participating Stores or log in to their account when purchasing products on the Website. If Participants do not log into the Website or show their loyalty card at Participating Stores when they make a purchase, they will not earn points. 

*) The points earned, starting from the date of registration in the Programme, are valid for 12 (twelve) months as of the date of the corresponding purchase. At the end of each 12-month period, the points corresponding to each purchase made more than 12 months previously will be cancelled, while the points for any purchases made subsequently will be retained.
Without prejudice to the above, regarding the validity period and expiration of accumulated points, please note that each reached Level and its related benefits remain active for 12 months from the moment the Member achieves it. Therefore, Members can keep enjoying the benefits associated with a specific Level even if the points that allowed reaching it have expired in the meantime.
For example: a member makes a purchase on June 25, 2023, earning 350 points (thus reaching Level V-Pink). On September 30, 2023, the Member makes another purchase, earning an additional 1400 points. The 1400 points, combined with the 350 earned on June 25, 2023, allow the Member to enter Level V-Red. For the 12 months following the first purchase (for example, on June 20, 2024) the Member's Level will be V-RED (350 + 1400 points). 
In the above example, when the initial 350 points expire (i.e., 12 months after the date they were obtained, from June 26, 2024), the Member's point balance will become 1400 points. However, their Level will not immediately revert to V-Pink: The Member will continue to be part of Level V-Red until September 30, 2024 (the expiration of the 12-month period from the entry date into Level V-Red). After September 30, 2024, the Member will return to Level V-Green, unless, in the meantime, the Member has accumulated additional points leading to reaching another Level. 

During the Promotion Duration Period, the Promoter, without prejudice to the rights acquired by Participants, reserves the right to improve the criteria and requirements for the assignment of Levels and the relative Benefits, by either modifying or replacing them. Participants will be provided with due notice of such modifications by means of publication on the Website and/or via email and, in addition, with any other method of communication deemed appropriate by the Promoter, at least 30 days prior to the effective date of the new terms and conditions. By continuing to use the Programme after such modifications have been announced and become effective, the Participant accepts the new terms and conditions by default. 



Every Participant, based on their level of loyalty, will be entitled to the Benefits established for their Level, according to what is set out below. 
The discount associated with the Level reached will be automatically applied at the moment of payment after recognition of the Participant, which must take place according to the following methods:  

  • for purchases in the Store, the loyalty card must be presented at the checkout 

  • for purchases on the e-commerce Website, Participants must log in using their credentials. 

Those belonging to the V-Pink Level are entitled to a 5% discount on all of their Venchi product purchases (without prejudice to what is set out below).  
Those belonging to the V-Red Level are entitled to a 10% discount on all of their Venchi product purchases (without prejudice to what is set out below).  
Those belonging to the V-Gold Level are entitled to a 15% discount on all of their Venchi product purchases (without prejudice to what is set out below).  

The discount will not be applied: 

  • on any shipping expenses applied to online purchases;  

  • on gift card purchases. 

The discount cannot be combined with other promotions, unless expressly indicated. 
It is the responsibility of the Recipients to check the conditions, the terms of use and the terms of validity applicable to any Benefits. 
During the Validity Period, the Promoter, without prejudice to the rights acquired by Participants , reserves the right to modify and/or replace criteria and requirements for accessing the related Benefits by providing a dedicated communication to all Participants by means of publication on the Website and/or via email and, in addition, by any other method of communication deemed appropriate.. 
The updated list of the available Benefits and Promotions will always be available for consultation on the Website 
Participants may also be rewarded with additional one-off Benefits, irrespective of their Level, including on special occasions and/or dates (e.g. customer birthday, Christmas, Easter, etc.) at the exclusive discretion of the Promoter. 
In any event, the Benefits cannot be replaced, are not convertible into cash and may not be transferred or sold in any manner whatsoever. The points earned may refer only to purchases made by the Participant, and the Benefits may be collected only by the Participant, exclusively using the email address used to register in the Programme and/or the associated loyalty card. In any case, it will not be possible to transfer points or Benefits between accounts, even if they are held by the same Participant.  



In addition to the Benefits and rewards laid out in the paragraphs above, the Promoter may also offer Participants additional gifts and/or organize further activities and promotions such as, for example, dedicated offers and promotions, unexpected delights, prize-promotions, etc.  
The Recipients concerned will be adequately informed of such additional promotional activities/initiatives through the communication channels that the Promoter will decide to use from time to time. The initiatives proposed may be governed by dedicated Terms and Conditions or regulation documents.  



The Programme will be advertised via email, through social media, at participating Venchi Stores, on and other means that the Promoter shall deem useful to spread knowledge of the Programme. The advertising messages will be consistent with these Terms and Conditions. 
Any changes made to these Terms and Conditions during the Validity Period without prejudice to any rights previously acquired by Participants, will be disclosed in advance through and/or with the same communication methods established for this document. 
An updated version of these Terms and Conditions will be available at any time on the Website, at



Venchi S.p.A., in its capacity as Data Controller, hereby informs you that the personal data voluntarily provided by participants will be used, including with the support of IT instruments, exclusively for the following purposes: 

  • enabling participation in this Initiative; 

  • sending communications linked to the Initiative; 

  • making it possible to take advantage of any Benefits subject to the Initiative. 

To enrol in the Programme, users will be asked to provide their email address, preferred language and, for online registration only, their identifying data (name and surname). The provision of such data is optional but is necessary to participate in the Initiative. If such data are not provided, it will therefore not be possible to complete registration in the Programme and, as a result, to participate in it. 
It will instead be optional, also for the purpose of participating in the Programme, to provide additional personal data such as date of birth, domicile or residence post code and a telephone number, which, if provided by Registrants, may be used to enable the Data Controller, at its discretion, to reward Registrants with additional Benefits, irrespective of their Level, including to mark special occasions and/or dates (e.g., customer birthday, Christmas, Easter, etc.) or participate in special events.  
After they have finished their participation in the Programme, Registrants will receive no further communications concerning it. 
For the pursuit of the purposes set forth above, Venchi may disclose the personal data to and have the personal data processed by its employees and/or third parties duly appointed as Authorised Persons or Data Processors. The legal basis of the processing is the performance of the contract pursuant to art. 6.1, letter b) of the GDPR. 
The personal data will not be disseminated. 
The processing will take place only for the time strictly necessary for the purposes for which the data were collected. In particular, the data will be stored for the entire duration of the Loyalty Programme and, following discontinuation, for the ordinary prescriptive period of 10 years. 
By participating, Registrants may also decide whether to provide their consent to the processing of their data for additional purposes as well, such as marketing and/or profiled marketing purposes; in this case, the legal basis of the processing is consent pursuant to art. 6.1, letter a) of the GDPR. Such consent is optional, and the Registrant may in any event register in the Programme even without providing this consent and may in any event, at any subsequent time, revoke the consent previously provided. If such consent is not provided or is revoked, the Registrant will continue to receive only emails relating to the Programme and the Benefits accrued in relation to registration in the Programme. 
In order to exercise the rights pursuant to arts. 15 et seq. of the GDPR and, in particular: 

  • the right of access, with which information may be requested concerning the processing of one’s own data and a copy of the data processed can be received; 

  • the right of rectification, with which the accuracy of one’s own data may be verified and the rectification or updating of such data may be requested; 

  • the right to erasure, consisting of requesting, when specific conditions are met, the erasure of one’s own data; 

  • the right of restriction, consisting of requesting, when specific conditions are met, the restriction of the processing of one’s own data; 

  • the revocation of consent, in all cases in which the legal basis of the processing is consent, with the specification that the revocation may take place at any time, without prejudice in any event to the lawfulness of the processing performed prior to such revocation; 

it is possible to send a communication to the dedicated email address [email protected].  
Venchi has appointed a Data Protection Officer who may be contacted at [email protected]
If the rights of the Data Subject have been breached by the Data Controller and/or a third party, the data subject, without prejudice to any other administrative or legal action, has the right to submit a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority (and/or any other competent supervisory authority), according to the procedures and instructions published on the Authority’s website, available at the address
The full disclosure is available at the link as well as in the “privacy” section of the Website. 



Entry instructions are deemed to form part of these Terms and Conditions and by participating, all entrants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these Terms and Conditions. 
The Promoter reserves the right to change or amend the promotion or these Terms and Condition, without prejudice to the rights acquired by Participants. Any changes will be effective as of the date laid out in the related communications. An updated version of these Terms and Conditions will be available at any time on  
It is responsibility of the Participant to provide correct, valid and up-to-date details when registering and entering the Promotion: otherwise, participation may not be guaranteed, and the Benefits will not provided. 
Each Participant may register only once within the Validity Period (marching e-mail address counts as per person): a single user’s account registered for the Programme may be associated with only one Participant and only one email address.  
In case of dispute regarding the identity of a Participant, the account holder of the e-mail address submitted at time of registration will be considered the Participant.  
Multiple, false, fictitious, or third-party registrations will not be accepted: the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any Participant who breaches these Terms and Conditions. or the Promotion. The Participant’s point balance will be recalculated and reduced in case the Participant returns one or more products.  Points obtained in a fraudulent manner or in violation of these Terms and Conditions will be cancelled. Therefore, for clarity, in such scenarios, simultaneously with the reduction or cancellation of points, the Member will immediately revert to the Level corresponding to the number of points they still possess following the described reduction or cancellation. 

The Promoter will not be held liable to any individual for any event beyond its control including, but not limited to, technical malfunctions, any problems associated with internet or communication networks, user error and any network, computer, hardware, or software failures of any kind which may restrict, delay, or prevent a participant’s entry to this Promotion. 
The Promoter reserves the right to verify the validity of entries and reserves the right to disqualify any entrant for tampering with the entry process or for submitting an entry which is not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, or if the Participant is engaged in any unlawful or other improper misconduct calculated to jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of the Promotion.  In this case, the Promoter reserves the right to proceed, in the terms deemed most appropriate and in compliance with all applicable laws.  
Benefits may be provided by third parties. The Promoter shall not be liable for any complaints or disputes related to the use of the Benefit that may arise between Participant and the third-party supplier of the Benefit. 
Participants’ total point balance will be available on each purchase receipt (in case of instore purchases) as well as on each order confirmation (in case of purchases made on the Website). Participants may also check their total point balance at any time either by logging in on the or by entering their loyalty card number in the section dedicated to the V-CLUB Loyalty Programme on the Website 
Participants requiring assistance on registration in the Programme and/or the Benefits may contact Venchi Customer Service using the “contact us” form available on the Website or by sending an email to [email protected]. In any request sent, Participants must indicate their name, the point of sale where the purchase was made, the email address associated with the Programme, the loyalty card number, the date of the activity referred to and the problem(s) encountered.  

This Programme is subject to all applicable laws and regulations.