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Venchi accepts orders for delivery in Italy, Europe, the USA, Canada and other non-European countries.

Any order must be placed through the website that corresponds to the country that it is delivered to.


Italy –

Great Britain -

European countries (excluding Italy) plus Norway, Switzerland and Licthestein,-

The USA and Canada -

Japan -

Singapore -


Below is a list of all the countries we ship to:







Great Britain









The Netherlands

United States











Czech Republic










European area SHIPPING TERMS

Venchi confirms acceptance of the order by sending an automatic summary email to the email address specified by the customer.
We require a direct telephone number to contact you in case of need.

We cannot ship or deliver to PO boxes.


Venchi prepares the goods listed in the order and then transfers the package to the Courier.

The time it takes to transfer the products to the Courier can be found in the Courier Transfer Times section and varies according to the payment method chosen.

Deliveries are made on working days, Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm, and are not made on public holidays.

From April to September, we do not ship on Fridays. This means that orders confirmed by midnight on Thursday will be transferred to the courier the next working day, that being the following Monday, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

All orders placed at are transferred to DHL Courier with Express delivery.

The time it takes the courier to deliver the package to the customer's home address is detailed in the Delivery time and type section and is to be considered indicative, as it may be subject to change caused by force majeure, poor traffic and road conditions, strikes or an act of the Public Authority.




Delivery costs are charged to the Customer and vary depending on the country where the package is being shipped, therefore we cannot specify this cost until you have finished choosing your products.

Depending on the country, order value thresholds are also defined; if these are exceeded, shipment will be free for the customer.

For more information, please contact Venchi Customer Service by filling in the form provided at

In the presence of the courier, please ensure that:


the number of the packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated on the waybill (delivered by the Courier)

the packaging is not visibly damaged, tampered with, wet, too light or otherwise altered (sealing materials). All our packages are marked with the word Venchi, feature an identification label containing the information of the recipient and are sealed with our customised tape.


Any external damage or lack of correspondence in the number of packages must be reported immediately to the Courier in writing on the delivery note.
In the event that it is not possible to verify the integrity of the product at the time of delivery, we ask that you sign "subject to verification" on the delivery receipt.


For more information, please contact Venchi Customer Service by filling in the form provided at



The time required to transfer products to the Courier varies according to the payment method chosen


  • PayPal, Credit Card and Value Code Payments

Orders received by midnight on working days are transferred to the Courier within two working days. This means, for example, that if an order is placed and confirmed by Monday, it may be transferred to the Courier by Wednesday; the Courier shall calculate the estimated delivery time from the day it receives the package.





When your order is ready for shipment, DHL will send you a message notifying you of the day the delivery is scheduled.

The customer can decide whether to change the location by connecting to the DHL portal and specifying their needs based on the options available. If the customer wishes to change the delivery LOCATION communicated by DHL, they must do so independently on the DHL website.

However, it is not possible to define a precise timetable and the courier cannot schedule the delivery for an earlier time by telephone.


Customers will be able to track their shipment independently through the online tracking system set up in the reserved area, which is also available through the link in the shipment confirmation email.

Unfortunately, we do not choose the person who will directly carry out the delivery, therefore if the customer feels the delivery service was inadequate, we ask that they report it to us. We will do our best to make the service better.


  • Express Delivery


Express deliveries are made on working days from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.

ITALY: delivery on the next working day after the date the order is transferred to the Courier, in most commercial areas of Italy.

Europe, Norway and Switzerland: delivery within two working days from the date the order is transferred to the Courier, in most commercial areas of Europe.

Deliveries to islands and disadvantaged areas may be subject to change.


  • Potential DHL service interruptions

If DHL is unable to commence or continue carriage of the sender's shipment due to reasons for which it is not responsible, it shall not constitute a breach of contract with the sender, but DHL shall do everything reasonably possible under the circumstances to commence or continue carriage. For example, events of force majeure will include: disruption of land routes or air routes due to bad weather, as well as fires, floods, war, riots or disturbances, actions by governmental or other authorities (including but not limited to customs), labour disputes or obligations involving DHL or third parties




Shipments outside the EEC (European Economic Community) are accompanied by an invoice, as required by current regulations. Please check the import conditions in your country before placing an order. You may incur unexpected additional charges (taxes and customs duties) that we cannot estimate. Shipments are made according to the DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) formula, therefore goods will arrive directly at the place of delivery indicated without having to pay additional amounts compared to what was already paid when the order was sent. If you wish to ship to a country outside the EEC, we recommend that you inform yourself of the restrictions on the import of food products into the country of destination before confirming your order.

For all countries that allow for the payment of customs duties by the sender, Venchi assumes the payment of this tax. For all countries where this payment must be made by the recipient, the payment and verification of the customs duties amount with the competent authorities of the country of receipt is the responsibility of the recipient.