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Discover Our Collection of Christmas Gift Ideas

The Christmas season is finally coming. Joy, happiness, lights and colors characterize this special time of the year.

At Venchi, we love all holiday seasons and we are always ready to celebrate with our chocolate!

The new Christmas collection speaks about an enchanted world where animals bring elegant garlands, refined decorations and twirling ribbons as gifts to create a magical atmosphere and celebrate with children's wonder. A colourful weave of berries and flowers in shades of red, green and gold form the backdrop to this joyous dance of foxes, squirrels, robins and reindeer in celebration. Big and small gifts, chocolate-filled decorations, maxi bars and much more. How best to prepare yourself than to start thinking about sweet gifts?


Reindeer and Father Xmas Gift Tin with assorted chocolates

Christmas ornament with a delicious twist: a selection of large milk and dark Chocolate Squares in Christmas-themed wrappers. Two gift boxes perfect to give as Christmas decorations to fill the Christmas season with magic.

Xmas Chocoviar Hamper

As a gourmet Christmas gift, give someone our delicious, iconic Chocoviar treats to show them your love! A crisp Cuor di Cacao shell topped with Chocoviar 75% microspheres conceals a soft cocoa centre. In 75% Cuor di Cacao, Crème Brûlée, Crème Cacao and Crème Pistachio versions, each one has its own centre and consistency.

Gianduia Xmas Gift Box

Christmas spirit is immersed in tales passed down from generation to generation, narrated verbally around the tree on Christmas Eve. This gift box with assorted Venchi Cremino and Gianduiotto chocolates pays tribute to a fairytale world filled with magic!

Carillon Hamper

A selection of assorted Chocomousse and Pearl chocolates to tantalise your taste-buds while festive tunes ring in your ear. The perfect gift to excite your senses and get everyone in the Christmas mood.

Large Xmas Book

A tempting maxi book tin transforms into a delicious Christmas decoration! Dark, milk, pistachio and hazelnut chocolates in a book-shaped tin gift box. many tasty recipes bring color to a selection of chocolates perfect for chocolate lovers in all its forms and flavors

Maxi Chocolate Bars

Whether Maxi Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, Maxi Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut or Salted White Chocolate, the Maxi Bar is perfect to give or share throughout the holiday season. Ideal as an after meal treat to enjoy with friends on cold winter nights.


Let yourself be inspired by many ideas for your Christmas gifts