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Italian Desserts Collection

Discover the new Italian Desserts Collection:

If you love classic Italian desserts, you're in the right place! This new and utterly delicious collection awaits in boutiques and online.

This new collection is inspired by mouthwatering Italian desserts that everyone loves, including Tiramisù, Pannacotta, Bacio Didama and Marzipan, transforming them into delicious chocolates. Easy and handy to have nearby at all times, these are perfect for a tasty snack when you get a sudden craving and work perfectly with a cup of tea or coffee! How do you carry around tiramisù in your handbag? Or pannacotta in your backpack? We've got you covered!  



Quite simply, this is the most widely known Italian dessert on Earth. In three words? Mascarpone, coffee and deliciousness! Tiramisù is a beloved dessert enjoyed year-round. Creamy yet consistent, it's enjoyed by young and old alike. Our chocolate version features alternating layers of coffee paste, velvety mascarpone cream and a thin layer of Venezuelan cocoa. What do you say, is your mouth watering yet? 


Caramel pannacotta

Who doesn't know what pannacotta is? It's a widely popular Italian dessert made with just a few simple ingredients, and often enhanced by delicious toppings. Caramel lovers will fall head over heels for our exquisite individual chocolate version. A drop of liquid caramel covered in milk chocolate and a delicious shell of caramel chocolate. Just a few simple ingredients bring this refined chocolate to life. 


TiramisùBacio Didama

Bacio didama is a classic, traditionally Piedmontese treat with a thin layer of chocolate sandwiched between two crumbly hazelnut biscuits. The combination of chocolate and hazelnut is the beating heart of our chocolate: crunchy and gluten-free Piedmont Hazelnut biscuit meets soft Gianduia, all coated in chocolate. Available in milk and dark versions, it's perfect for all palates. 


Dark almond

Inspired by the flavour of marzipan, our Dark Almond chocolate combines layers of delicious chocolate and sweet almond paste. The intensity of the dark chocolate paired with the sweetness of the almond paste creates a delicious chocolate that's perfect to keep to hand!