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Chocolate Pairings


Whether it’s an evening with friends, brunch or a little moment of daily pleasure, any time is the right time to try new pairings with chocolate!

Chocolate is perfect with fruit, spices, spirits, wines and more ... Each type of chocolate has its own flavour characteristics: from the sweetness of white chocolate, to the vanilla notes of milk chocolate, to the more bitter and intense sensations of dark chocolate or more aromatic variants depending on the origin of the cocoa.
The first question to ask is: what taste sensations are we looking for? A contrast of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy? Or harmony between flavours that combine and enhance one another?


The most classic pairing is candied orange peel and dark chocolate, which you can sample in our Dragées chocolates: the citrus flavour of the orange perfectly matches the intensity of the cocoa.

For chocolate lovers, 60% dark chocolate is particularly suitable for pairing with fruit because it is intense but not too bitter: just melt a bar in a bain-marie to create a delicious fondue in which you can dip seasonal fresh fruit and experiment with combinations for the end of a romantic dinner or one with friends!

The fruit pairings don't end there; here are some more delicious ideas that go perfectly with dark chocolate, which gives a contrasting, more bitter note:

  • Chocolate and candied forest fruits: an interplay of aromatic intensities that do not overlap, but rather, complement and enhance each other.

  • Chocolate and pear: perfect for experimenting with cakes and tarts.

  • Chocolate and banana: also try the Banana Split ice cream in our 'Chocogelaterias’

  • Chocolate and coconut: the perfect combination of the sweetness and tropical taste of coconut and the intensity of dark chocolate, which you can discover in our Coconut bar.


It could be said that the ultimate combination of chocolate and spirits is chocolate and rum, but in fact chocolate can be enjoyed with most spirits such as whisky, moscato, young grappa, cognac, as well as sake and wine.

For fans of more classic combinations, we recommend trying the Venchi chocolate and rum products, while for those who like to be more daring and experiment with new combinations, here are some ideas:

  • Chocolate and whisky:  all connoisseurs will have tried a glass of whisky with a chunk of 60%-75% dark chocolate at least once, but not everyone will know that whisky also goes perfectly with an individual chocolate. Gianduia, for example, is excellent because the oilier notes of the hazelnut perfectly balance the sharp alcoholic notes.

  • Chocolate and spirits: the perfect type of chocolate to pair with spirits is chocolate with orange.  If you have not already done so, we recommend that you also try our chocolate cigars, which are specially designed for pairing with spirits.

  • Chocolate and sake: the perfect combination of chocolate and sake depends on the temperature at which it is served. When cold, it goes perfectly with salted white chocolate. When hot, it is ideal with dark chocolate: we particularly recommend Chocoviar 75%.

  • Chocolate and wine:  distinctions must also be made when pairing chocolate with wine:

    - Chocolate and white wine, sparkling wine and champagne: the most surprising combination is with white chocolate with salted dried fruit, which resembles the taste of cheese or breadcrumbs and is perfect to use as an aperitif to impress your guests! To embellish a flute of champagne, for example, just use a pinch of Chocoviar granules; the bubbles will make them dance in the glass.
    - Chocolate and red wine: we recommend pairing it with 60% and 75% dark chocolate, which goes well with the acidic and fruity notes of these wines, particularly wines from Tuscany, Piedmont and Burgundy.
    - Chocolate and dessert wines: for wines such as Passito, Moscato and Malvasia, we recommend pairing with the sweetness of Gianduia, so go for cremino and gianduiotto chocolates!

  • Chocolate in cocktails: chocolate is an ideal ingredient for creating spectacular and delicious cocktails. Creating a ChocoNegroni is easy with a few Venchi products: just coat the rim of the glass with Suprema chocolate spread and 75% Chocoviar grains so that your taste buds encounter the chocolate before savouring the drink, for a unique mix of textures and flavours!


If you want to enhance your daily coffee break, as well as the classic dark chocolate, which also counteracts the tannins contained in coffee, the perfect chocolates are Tiramisu and Cappuccino!
When chosen well, chocolate can also replace the slice of cake or pastry that is usually served with tea.
If the tea has astringent, bitter and closed notes, it is best to pair it with a smooth dark chocolate, such as a dark chocolate cremino. If, on the other hand, the tea has floral, fruity and citrus notes such as Oolong teas, it’s better to serve it with a delicate gianduia or white chocolate.


Chocolate goes perfectly with many spices, such as tea, vanilla, salt, chilli, vinegar, mint... the possibilities are endless!

As far as cheese is concerned, milk chocolate with Piedmont Hazelnuts goes perfectly with mature and flavoursome cheeses. If the chocolate is extra dark, it is irresistible paired with a creamy blue. In general, the sweet, buttery notes of creamy cheeses contrast very well with the bitter astringency of dark chocolate. Be careful to balance the acidity, however: if a chocolate is slightly acidic, with notes of red fruits, it is a good idea to pair it with a fresh, flowery goat's cheese that complements and contrasts its flavour.

Finally, chocolate is a precious ingredient in the kitchen and can add a gourmet touch to many traditional dishes, such as aubergine parmigiana with chocolate, game fillet with dark chocolate sauce or cocoa-filled pasta