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Pistachio new products

Pistachio Lover? Discover all Venchi Novelties!

It is sweet-savoury, with an intense and irresistible flavour, it is the undisputed star of Sicilian pastries ... who are we talking about? Of course, the pistachio!

Its bright green and iridescent purple colours are just as strong and vibrant as its intense flavour that incorporates all the aromas, tastes and scents of the Mediterranean. Pistachio has always been part of the Venchi world, and this year we have created new chocolates, one for each flavour. Whole and roasted, in the form of crunchy granules or creamy paste, explore all the delicious pistachio novelties


Chocoviar Pistachio

A new version of our most loved chocolate, with whole pistachios wrapped in a creamy pistachio and hazelnut filling in a dark shell covered with caramel grains and crunchy nibs. Impossible to resist!


Creamy, lightly salted pistachio paste in the form of Gianduiotto. Try it also in bar version, with crunchy whole pistachios.

White Salted Ingot

Delicious white chocolate with lightly salted almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios grains, perfect for a little treat.

Salted Pistachio Pearl

Pistachio in three consistencies: a crunchy whole pistachio wrapped in soft pistachio paste and dried fruit paste... more pistachio than that!

Cremino Pistachio

Alternating layers of Gianduja and lightly salted pistachio cream, an alternative to the classic Cremino 1878 recipe, for a journey to discover all the flavours of the Mediterranean.