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Rum And Chocolate


When it comes to pairing rum and chocolate, it’s important to know that there is no single perfect match. Much depends on the type of rum and the taste sensations you are looking for, as well as the quality of the two products.

Strong, peaty, smoky, flowery sensations? Depending on the type of rum and how you like to taste it, we can find the perfect chocolate for everyone.

There are many different types of rum, starting with the distinction between traditional and agricultural rums: in the first case, the process begins with molasses (a waste product obtained from sugar production), while in the second, the sugar cane juice extracted directly from pressing sugar cane is used.

Another difference stems from the geographical origin and the resulting tradition of flavours and processing:

  • Cuban rums with smooth sensations are the most versatile when it comes to pairing with chocolate: you can't go wrong with a 60% or 75% dark chocolate blend.

  • For rums from the Dominican Republic, often aged in cherry casks, pairing with gianduia and milk chocolate with hazelnuts is perfect to enhance the fruity notes of the spirit. So cremino and gianduiotto chocolates are ideal.

  • For Caribbean rums, which tend to have sweeter notes, we recommend pairing them with white chocolate with salted dried fruit for a contrasting salty touch, or with chocolate filled with orange or zest coated with dark chocolate in order to enjoy the citrus notes that go perfectly with this type of rum.

Rum and chocolate: tasting method

The perfect way to enjoy rum with chocolate is to first prepare your mouth with a sip of rum, then taste the chocolate and continue tasting the spirit. Eating the chocolate first, on the other hand, would alter the taste of the rum and not allow it to be enjoyed to the full.
For true fans and connoisseurs of spirits, who like to drink rum or whisky, we recommend finishing off your meal with a Chocoviar 75% or pistachio chocolate to end with an explosion of flavour and different textures.

Rum-filled chocolates

Cuneese al Rum, now Cuba Rhum, was created over 70 years ago to celebrate this delicious combination: a creamy filling of cocoa and Caribbean rum encased in a shell of Ecuador 56% dark chocolate. Venchi presents it in three different formats: in liquid form with the Cuba Rhum liqueur, as a Suprema chocolate spread and as a chocolate. This family of chocolates has recently been joined by Cuba Gin and Bitter Spritz, perfect for enjoying as an aperitif or after dinner.

Chocolate to pair with rum: which is the best?

Dark chocolate is the best accompaniment to aged rums, while milk chocolate or gianduia are also suitable for younger rums. In general, the older the rum, the more the cocoa percentage must increase. For drier, younger rums, pairing with other types of chocolate is also good because it softens the flavour and brings out the secondary notes.

In conclusion, it’s fair to say that there is no such thing as the perfect combination, but rather the one that best suits your favourite rum.
Generally speaking, however, 60% dark chocolate is easy to pair with all rums and many other spirits because it is a flavour precursor that brings out the honey notes and all the aromas.

If you are looking for a more unusual combination, perfect as a gift for an aficionado, the selection of chocolate cigars is perfect to accompany rum. The Aromatic Cocoa, Nougatine and Orange recipes are designed to best enhance and accompany this spirit