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Short supply chain for Piedmont Hazelnuts from Langhe


An innovative project undertaken with Ascopiemonte association guarantees Venchi the short supply chain of one of Italy’s most exclusive products. Top-quality, locally sourced and sustainable hazelnuts that promote the region.

A breakthrough agreement was signed by Venchi and the organization 'Ascopiemonte' - Organizzazione Produttori Frutta a Guscio S.C.A.R.L. - which, with 540 member farmers and a total of 2500 hectares of hazelnut groves, represents more than 1/3 of Piedmont's hazelnut industry.

The agreement marks the partnership between Venchi and a selection of hazelnut farmers operating in the Langhe region. The producers, whose quality produce and warmth set them apart, undertake to provide the company with their entire hazelnut harvest as per an agreement between Venchi, Ascopiemonte and the producers themselves, which regulates harvesting, selection, shelling and storage processes.
To guarantee the best quality while ensuring that the product remains fully traceable, even during processing, the hazelnuts will always be selected and shelled in the LANGHE region using the very best selection and shelling technology and with a final manual check carried out in accordance with strict rules.

For each batch delivered, Venchi will therefore be able to certify, through ASCOPIEMONTE, the specific origin of the produce by identifying the participating companies and their hazelnut groves beforehand.

There are three objectives of the innovative project established by the company and the Consortium: quality, sustainability and the promotion of the region.

1. Improving the monitoring and quality of one of the main raw materials used is one of Venchi's main objectives.
The quality is that of the hazelnuts grown in the geographical area best suited to them, in southern Piedmont. This area, between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, has a wide range of hills bordered by the Tanaro, Belbo, Bormida di Millesimo and Bormida di Spigno rivers and is adjacent to the Astesana, Monferrato and Roero regions. Venchi is the first company to use, together with the PGI PIEDMONT HAZELNUT specification, the specification of the Geographic Indication used to uniquely identify a Grand Cru.

 2. Another major aspect of the partnership is to make production more sustainable through the development of a short, controlled and certified supply chain. Venchi's constant monitoring of crops, particularly during the fertilization and pest-control stages, guarantees sustainability. In addition, the rules of the agreement require that ethical protocols concerning social security and workplace safety be observed at all times during production.

3. Last but not least is the focus on the region: the project is entirely local with everything taking place in the same production area. This is significant both in terms of the quality of the product, which maintains its characteristic taste and smell, and the surrounding environment. Finally, the project helps pave the way for the promotion of hazelnut groves in an area internationally recognized for "culinary excellence".