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The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Every bite of dark chocolate not only tastes delightful but is also packed with benefits. Your favourite treat can be enjoyed guilt-free thanks to how beneficial it is for your health. Read the Venchi blog to discover all the details on dark chocolate and its benefits.  

What's the difference between 50%, 70% and 90% dark chocolate?

Not every dark chocolate is created equally; the difference comes from the cocoa content. What's dark chocolate? To be named as such, it should contain at least 45% cocoa, while extra-dark chocolate has 70% cocoa or can even reach up to 100%. So which one would you choose? 

Whatever the type, quality chocolate without artificial ingredients is best. If there is a high percentage of cocoa, the chocolate will have less cocoa butter and sugar and only the good stuff. But the choice also depends on taste.  

100% cocoa chocolate is bursting with health benefits and is suitable for vegans and people with intolerances. But it can have a very bitter taste. We recommend starting with 70% chocolate and then moving on to 85%, which is more nutritious. 


The nutritional benefits of dark chocolate

Is eating dark chocolate healthy? As mentioned, it can be good for our health for different reasons. 

Dark chocolate is a good cure-all for the nervous system because it is packed with phenylethylamine, a natural antidepressant and magnesium. Chocolate is a wonder at minimizing stress due to the tryptophan it contains, which helps the body produce serotonin, the good-mood hormone — no wonder we always feel happy when nibbling on our favourite after-dinner treat. 

Dark chocolate gives us just the right amount of energy to keep active throughout the day. Plus, it is a powerful metabolism accelerator for those who play sports, reducing fatigue and helping muscles recover from physical activity.  

Dark chocolate can also boost our concentration and memory. Next time, have a piece of extra-dark chocolate before an exam or important business meeting!   


Dark chocolate may help with weight loss

The moderate consumption of dark chocolate can be an ally in weight loss. The reason why dark chocolate is good for weight loss is because of the rich presence of antioxidants, such as flavonoids, which can help improve heart health and boost metabolism.  

Additionally, its intense flavour can satisfy sweet cravings without the need for large quantities. The presence of fiber and monounsaturated fats in dark chocolate can help control appetite, maintaining a feeling of fullness for longer. 

Finally, dark chocolate can also be beneficial for people with diabetes, as it has a lower glycaemic index compared to milk or white chocolate. The main reason why dark chocolate and diabetes have a good correlation is presence of antioxidants and healthy fats, which can help maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

Venchi Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate benefits: perfect for women

Magnesium deficiency is common in women. Dark chocolate, and specifically cocoa, contains a high amount of magnesium. Physical well-being and a balanced nervous system both depend on magnesium.  

Dark chocolate can provide relief for nervousness, anxiety and insomnia — as if you needed any more reasons to indulge in chocolate. Eating chocolate while pregnant can also be beneficial for both mum and baby.  


Dark chocolate could lower bad colesterol

Cocoa's active ingredients work in combination with the stearic acid in cocoa butter to produce an anti-inflammatory effect. Why is an anti-inflammatory impact beneficial? It increases good cholesterol (HDL), reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and decreases triglycerides. That is why cocoa is an ingredient often found in the formulations of anti-cellulite treatments.  


Dark chocolate is also good for your skin!

Dark chocolate also has powerful anti-aging properties. The sweet treat can support your body to fight free radicals and cellular ageing, as well as prevent age-related cognitive decline. 

Taste every kind of dark chocolate, choose your favourite, and then keep one in your bag for a moment of pleasure and well-being! Be careful, though. You will probably have to share.